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Satya Yoga
Re-balance & Restore

Hatha is a slow restorative practice. Whether completely new to yoga or have experience it's a very gentle practice, good for beginners as I teach the fundamentals of yoga. It's not about what you look like and achieving, it's about learning to slow down and use the breath in times of stress, and learning to be....
Prioritise relaxation and be intune with yourself, to be able to embrace self reflection. You can then integrate what you learn on the mat into everyday life and live yoga and feel the benefits on a daily basis.

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Once a month, join Satya flow finding expression through dance.

 It's another way to re-connect to yourself and to release any tension and just be free to dance, it's a space to feel free to do whatever you feel like doing with no judgement you don't need to be able to dance or have any experience just to feel the music and allow yourself to express in any way you want.

Alcohol Free


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 I decided to take a holistic path over 10 years ago, due to health reasons. Which led to a complete life style change and I started practicing Buddhism, Yoga & Ayurveda and integrating all these practices into my daily routine. I studied and taught in India where I lived for a few years, and I now live and breath Buddhism and Yoga and I have no health issues. I want to share all that I have learnt over the years. 


Hatha &


when we learn how to slow down we naturally become aware of the breath, and when we learn how to use the breath properly and become aware of when we are restricting our breath in stressful situations, we can then change and use the technique learnt in yoga in everyday life.


I have done Sarah's yoga classes and have been very impressed with her teachings. I'm not the most supple person and am new to yoga but found Sarah very patient and has a sense of calmness. Explaining every position and posture to me, the calming effects I get from doing Sarahs class has been amazing! Her teachings in India have helped me emensly and have brought a lot of spiritual calmness to my life! She is just amazing!

I have been attending regular classes and really feel a difference, Im a lot calmer and can deal with anything life throws at me now with a sense of calmness and compassion, I've learnt not to react to my emotions, as a result I feel more in control. Also I feel more connected to myself and am more patient and loving to myself especially in times of stress.

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The power of yoga is time & patience not effort.


If you have any questions regarding my services, please feel free to contact me


Evolve, 8a Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Poole, Dorset BH14 0JV

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